A Home at the Zoo for Old Christmas Trees

przewalski wild horses zoo photo

Endangered Przewalski's horses. Those at a zoo in Bulgaria will enjoy a post-holiday treat of old Christmas trees. Photo by Mike Bowler via Flickr.

Though the holiday lights are still up on many houses, the first week of the new year means it's time to drag your Christmas tree out to the curb or to the nearest drop-off center to be recycled (or "treecycled") into compost or mulch. Some old trees in Bulgaria, however, are getting a different kind of second life: as bison chow.Tree Recycling at the Dobrich Zoo
The zoo in Dobrich, a town in eastern Bulgaria, started a campaign five years ago to use old Christmas trees to help feed the animals, The Sofia Echo reports. Approximately 100 trees are delivered to the zoo each January, and local environmentalists hope to spread the idea around the country.

"The first three were well received by the animals, especially by the pair of Przewalski's horses," said Sevdalina Venkova of the Dobrich Center for Protection of Nature and Animals, referring to the endangered subspecies of wild horse native to Central Asia. "The two bisons also like to eat Christmas trees."

Via: "Environmentalists: Take Your Christmas Tree to the Zoo," The Sofia Echo
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