A Helping Hand From Toyota to the Yosemite National Park Fund

Toyota Yosemite Park Fund Prius Photo

Photo by Roger J. Wyan
Left to right: Bill Duff, Corporate Manager, Environmental Office, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.; Bob Hansen, President, The Yosemite Fund; Steve Kang, Chancellor, UC Merced; and Mike Tollefson, Superintendent of Yosemite National Park

It's nice to hear of successful companies offering their support towards helping to sustain our earth and our dwindling national parks. Toyota presented a check and five Toyota Prius vehicles to The Yosemite fund today in order to help support their Yosemite Leadership Program (YLP), which will provide today's youth with the hands on experience necessary to learn about preserving and sustaining wildlife by executing good wilderness ethics in our precious parks.
The check offered by Toyota totaled over $600,000, will also be used to help establish a two week Executive Leadership Seminar, which will help to further educate current experienced professionals from the government, corporate sector, and non-profit organizations. The seminars will cover how to face real world land management challenges by giving them the knowledge of the University of California's academic team (UC Merced) as well as the field study experience from the Yosemite National Park team.

The Toyota Prius vehicles will be put to good use in the park, creating awareness of sustainability and better air management by traveling through the park to the different bear habitats, scavenging the trails during search and rescue operations, and conducting wilderness education field work for visitors and students alike.

This contribution is all part of Toyota's $5 million dollar donation (plus 23 Prius vehicles) plan to give aid to five National Parks around the U.S., giving them a leg up on their education programs and enhance their current environmental leadership capabilities. A park is only as good as its people running it, so this will help these programs from the inside out, where they really need it.

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