A Glimpse Inside a Green Living Anarchist Collective (Video)

CRIC house anarchist collective photo

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Despite what some critics of environmentalism might allege, TreeHugger is hardly a bastion of anarchist revolution. (You may have noticed an ad or two on our site.) Yet we like to look at all attempts to find greener, more sustainable living. From low-impact living in communal woodland to the Moneyless Man, we've showed a fair few examples of folks who have rejected the status quo and set out to build something different. Here's another as we get a glimpse inside an "anarchist bed and breakfast and retreat center". For once, we also get some reflection on the drawbacks—as well as the benefits—of alternative forms of social structure.

When I posted on a video about life at the Findhorne Ecovillage, I lamented that it painted a suspiciously rosy picture of collective or communal living, whereas an exploration of what challenges folks face in ecovillages, co-housing, communes and any other form of shared living would have more use. This trailer (found via the ever-fascinating Punk Rock Permaculture), for an upcoming documentary entitled We Are Everyone Else's Goats, takes a different path. Talking to the residents of the Cultural Rehabilitation Internship Center (Cric House), an "anarchist bed and breakfast and retreat center", we hear about everything from dumpster diving to collective organization to inspiring personal change.

Sure, we get to see plenty of enticing footage of cool, alternative structures; collective food production; and happy young (and not so young) anarchists forging a life outside the mainstream. But we also get to hear their thoughts about the challenges they face. When asked, for example, about the best and worst aspects of living at Cric, one resident responds: "Do I have to name names?"

Every job, every community, and every form of living has its drawbacks, and most have their advantages too. It's good to see some honest discussion on one of them.

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