A Four-Cylinder Cadillac Sedan: Fuel Efficiency Meets Luxury Muscle

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Okay, so it's not a done deal yet, but Cadillac is certainly considering it. The green communities calls for more efficient vehicles are being heard on all fronts today. But the question we have, is do you think that the general American is ready for a 4-cylinder caddy?

The 'yet to be named' rear wheel drive caddy four-banger is coming to us, like so many others, as a response to peoples heightened awareness of gas efficiency, economy, and environmental responsibility. This would look to be a good opportunity to begin to alter a common American belief that bigger is better, more power is preferred, and luxury means excess in everything.
It didn't happen with the New 2010 Camaro
We thought that perhaps Chevrolet was going to come out with a 4-cylinder version of the Camaro and shine some new light to American muscle, but atlas, they chickened out in the end. Six cylinder mustang drivers (especially of the male gender) still catch a lot of slack today just because they aren't driving the V-8.

Introducing the 4-cylinder Cadillac CTS
The new Cadillac will fit right underneath the current CTS and won't be in showrooms until probably late 2010/early 2011. They have already been testing a version in Europe, called the BLS, where of course they felt it would have a fighting chance, but it hasn't done well.

It seems that even Europeans expect the big luxury V-8 or powerful V-6 out of an American car. Or perhaps it is because they feel that European cars are known more for their reliable small cylinder engines and American's should stick with what their good at... eating, drinking, and driving super-sized vehicles (and ambulances for that matter).

Will four-cylinders be enough for the Cadillac driver?
Cadillac is currently trying to decide if the new model should have the four cylinder only, or if they are going to have to add a larger V-6 to appease the more traditional Cadillac enthusiast. We can already hear some of the old timer gas guzzler caddy drivers complaining, but it is not them that we should be concerned about.

Environmentalists are trying to catch the younger generation, replacing that bigger is better American attitude with a new attitude that says, economical is cool. Cadillac General Manager Jim Taylor, spoke at a press event recently, saying, "Well, with this whole fuel economy and gas thing, we ought to go all the way, say, to fours."

We think most Americans are ready to go all the way
If Cadillac would listen, they would hear that most American's are ready to go all the way and consider a hybrid or perhaps even a plug-in electric version of the Cadillac over a V6 or V8 gas guzzler. A 4-cylinder really isn't all that eco-friendly, its just more fuel efficient than a 6 or 8 cylinder.

If you really want to go "all the way", Cadillac, try taking a stand that will really impress the Treehugger community. Keep writing and telling your favorite manufacturer what you want folks... for the first time in decades, they are actually listening.

For some of the tone deaf, old-timer companies that have been around awhile (ahem, Cadillac), you may just have to yell a little louder so they can hear you! Could a 4 cylinder hybrid or P-HEV plug-in electric Cadillac be in our future? Only if you ask for it by name...

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