A 'Converted' Climate Skeptic Explains Why He Changed His Mind (Audio)


This post is the second in a series about the current state of American climate skepticism. I'll be expanding upon the ideas put forward in my recent Slate piece, Do Climate Skeptics Change Their Minds?, so read that first. Photo credit: Tom_Harding via Flickr/CC BY
Interview with D. R. Tucker
What, exactly, does it take to get a climate change naysayer to change his mind? The story of conservative author and radio show host D. R. Tucker, who recently became a 'convert' to accepting the science, offers some important insights. I had the pleasure to interview Tucker at length for my recent Slate piece about converted climate skeptics -- and he tells such a fascinating story that I figured I'd share some of the audio from our talks here. If you're curious as to how a Rush Limbaugh-listening, Al Gore-hating Republican comes around to acknowledge that human activity is warming the planet, listen to this: Interview with D.R. Tucker by briancmerchant

Apologies for the abrupt start -- we're discussing the flurry of emails he's received since going public with his newfangled belief in climate change. Other relevant background: Tucker announced his conversion in a post on FrumForum called 'Confessions of a Climate Convert', which is what he references throughout.

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