A 12 Year-Old Launches Project Kool to Help Stop Global Warming


If you’re wondering what an inspired 12 year-old can do to help stop global warming, look no further than a 7th grader named Hunter Gross from Long Island, NY. He’s launched a project with his mom and dad dubbed Project Kool, and it’s goal is to help get kids involved replacing the endless stream of paper and plastic bags they cart their lunch to school in each day by swapping ‘em for The Lunch Sak.

What’s The Lunch Sak? Well, it’s a reusable lunch bag made of natural cotton that has a Velcro strip to make it resealable. For fun it comes with a pair of markers that wash out easily, making it possible for kids of all ages to redesign their Lunch Sak on a daily basis without harming the environment in the process.
Apparently, there are even PTA’s beginning to sell them as a fundraiser, and I’ve heard none other than Al Gore himself bought a few to pass around the office this holiday season.

Go Hunter!

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Via:: Tipster Scott Carlin

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