96-Cent Utility Service Charge For CFL's Creates Stir In Maryland & West Virginia

Hedrick, an at-home pastry aficionado, said he bakes a mean chocolate chip cookie and plans on sending a tin full of them to Allegheny Power every 30 days - with an invoice equal to his monthly electric bill.
Before you decide what you think of this, we suggest you have a look at the whole article in the Cumberland Times. The customer upset clearly has to do with Americans' preference for individual choice. (In the past, many utilities had popular programs for sending out cheap incandescent bulbs on a monthly basis, if you asked for them by checking a box on your paper bill.) As a practical matter, customers could collect or buy the cheap CFL's them from others who also don't want them and sell them for profit on Ebay. But that would not deal with the choice issue.

Via::Cumberland Times - News, "Faithful Allegheny Power customer considers mailing 'underhanded'" Image credit::Maryland Public Service Commission, Electrical Utility Service Area

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