95% of UK Kids Show Real Concern about Global Warming

New research in the UK shows that 95% of kids between the ages of 4 and 15 questioned were 'concerned' by global warming, with more than half describing themselves as being 'very concerned'. And three out of four felt they were more fluent on the topic than their parents.

Dubbed 'Greenagers', they seem ready to put pressure on older generations to take the lead in environmental decision-making. And that’s not surprising when you look at the fact that some 70% of those polled believed climate change is something that will affect them in their lifetime.

Impressively, the survey also showed that more than half (59%) of them were aware of the concept of a 'carbon footprint' and were willing to alter their everyday lives in order to reduce it. With actions like reducing the usage of household appliances, avoiding car travel, and remembering to turn off the lights all polling well.

I wonder what a similar poll in the U.S. would determine?

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via:: SkyNews

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