$93 Million of Stimulus Money for Wind Power Released by Dept of Energy

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photo: Yuki Yaginuma via flickr.

The latest in the ongoing allocation of money coming out of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: The Department of Energy has announced that $93 million has been made available to support wind power. Here's how that money breaks down:$43m for Turbine Drivetrain R&D;

DOE will provide $45 million directed toward enhancing the federal government’s ability to support the wind industry through testing the performance and reliability of current and next generation wind turbine drivetrain systems.

This investment will deliver dependable and cost effective hardware for utility scale wind turbines with over a 20 year design life. Overall, this project will help to improve the country’s competitiveness in wind energy technology, lower capital costs of wind systems, and maintain a high level of wind energy capacity growth.

$14m for 'Technology Development'
To strengthen its support of the wind industry, DOE will make available $14 million to advance technology development in the private sector.  This effort will aim to improve the quality and use of lighter weight, advanced materials for turbine blades, towers, and other components.  Another area of emphasis will be process controls for lamination, blade finishing, trimming, grind, painting, materials handling and inspection.

$24m for Wind Power R&D;
DOE will provide $24 million for the development of up to three consortia between universities and industry to focus on critical wind energy challenges.  These partnerships will allow universities to establish research and development programs to advance material design, performance measurements, analytical models, and work with the industry to improve power systems operations, maintenance and repair, and component manufacturing.

$10m for National Wind Technology Center
DOE will invest $10 million at its own National Wind Technology Center in Colorado.  This funding will enhance the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s ability to support the wind industry through testing current and next generation wind turbine drive train systems for better performance and reliability.  Additionally, upgrades to the electrical distribution system will permit cost recovery of the power produced by two new utility-scale wind turbines being installed there for testing and evaluation.

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