$9 Million Clean Tech Fund Launched in Connecticut

connecticut capitol building photo

Connecticut state capitol building photo: Jim Bowen

In a move which Connecticut governor Jodi Rell says will help position Connecticut as "the preferred location to grow clean tech jobs", the state has launch the Connecticut Clean Tech Fund to invest $9 million in seed and early-stage companies working on technology to conserve energy and resources, protect the environment or eliminate harmful waste.

A partnership between Connecticut Innovations, the Department of Economic & Community Development, and the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund, the Clean Tech Fund will fund projects such as:

Renewable Energy Generation Technologies (such as solar PV, wind, low impact hydro, biomass and fuel cell technologies)

Energy Efficiency Technologies (such as solar thermal, geothermal, high efficiency lighting, advanced motor, energy storage, electric grid and load management technologies)

Environmental Remediation Technologies (such as emissions control, microbial/algal water clean up and hazardous waste remediation technologies)

Clean Water Technologies

Renewable Fuel Technologies

In addition, there are the following basic eligibility requirements: Companies must have a "significant Connecticut presence", be using proprietary technology, have a sustainable competitive advantage, have management team experience sufficient for a seed stage company, have a definable/addressable market, and have defensible business plan.

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