9 Iconic Foods From 5,000 Miles Away or More (Slideshow)

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I love local produce. Whatever's in season at the moment is guaranteed to be the tastier than something trucking, shipped or flown in from some far off land where the seasons are reversed. The added benefit is that bringing something a hundred or two hundred miles (even in a relatively fuel inefficient truck) cuts down on emissions when compared to sending something, say nectarines, from California all the way to New York City. And that's not even going into the benefits that having diverse regional agriculture brings economically, which in some cases may outweigh strictly carbon concerns.

The tables get turned though when things get sent by ship, and if you're talking about items that really are only grown in isolated places. Though they are polluting in their own right, ships still beat trucks for long distance shipping. With that in mind, lets look at 9 foods that travelled 5,000 miles or more to get from where they were grown to New York City...foods that are really associated with where they were grown.

9 Iconic Foods From 5,000 Miles Away or More
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