80 US CEOs Call on Obama and Congress to Enact Clean Energy Reform


Photo via CNQ

Well, it looks like there may be some hope for clean energy reform yet--even after the new decision from the Supreme Court has allowed corporations to use limitless funds to influence political elections. Today, a group of 80 major US companies, including eBay, PG&E;, Virgin America, and Exelon, have issued a call for Obama and Congress to enact the clean energy legislation this year.The group, united under the banner We Can Lead, has sent a letter to Obama arguing that the US is getting left in the dust in the clean energy sector. From their statement:

Saying that the U.S. is "falling behind" in the global clean energy race, the letter calls for forceful leadership to achieve legislation that will unleash innovation, drive economic growth, boost energy independence and decrease our carbon emissions. The letter comes just one week before President Obama delivers his State of the Union address on January 27th.
These business leaders are right--without clear incentives (like a price on carbon), US companies will continue to be mired in outdated, polluting technologies--and we'll continue to lose jobs to burgeoning clean tech industries overseas. These 80 businesses appear to understand this, and would like to be on the right side of a growing global trend.

Read the full letter to Obama at WeCanLead.org.

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