80% of Schools Apply Pesticides Regardless of Need!


Picture an FBI agent on the trail of poisons in America's schools, and that's what you've got when you take a look at Marc Lane, an entomologist and professor at Indiana University's School of Public and Environmental Affairs. He says that pesticides in schools are a "pervasive, unnecessary health hazard". He goes on to point out that "Over 80 percent of schools in America are applying pesticides on a regular basis, whether they have a pest problem or not," he said. "This is tragic not only because of the well-documented link between pesticides and health problems in children, such as asthma and neurological disorders, but also because pesticides generally do not work in a preventive manner in the school environment. Applying pesticides does not prevent pests from coming in, so using them when pests are not present does nothing other than expose children and staff to toxic chemicals." Now according to Lame the most widely used insecticides are nerve poisons, which cause nerves to fire in an uncontrolled manner and disrupt endocrine systems. And it's well documented that prolonged exposure can result in similar effects on humans, with results ranging from vomiting to severe breathing problems But some further research indicates these insecticides may also play a role in causing issues such as ADHD, autism, and even infertility. Maybe it's time for schools and districts across the country to take a deeper look at what they're spraying and how often they're doing it. It would at least be a start in the right direction, and would help to prevent more chaotic situations from happening like the one going on in Paramus, New Jersey right now...
via:: Newswise

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