76% of Americans Have No Idea What Cap and Trade Is


It might as well be about beer collections. H.L. Mencken wrote "Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public." But that doesn't keep the pollsters from asking questions. Rasmussen recently asked:
Does the cap-and-trade legislation address health care reform, environmental issues, or regulatory reform for Wall Street?

The responses:

17% Health care reform
24% Environmental issues
29% Regulatory reform for Wall Street
30% Not sure


Now cap and trade is a complex issue, and we already know from another Rasmussen Survey: Nobody Listens to Scientists, Only 34% of US Voters Believe Global Warming is Caused by Human Activity. But climate change once again barely makes it onto the public's agenda.

They also asked:

Suppose Congress had to choose between passing health care reform or passing legislation to address global warming. Which is more important to pass?

69% Health care reform
15% Global warming
16% Not sure

Which shows that those who think that climate change is the biggest problem we face in the world are not doing a very good job of convincing anyone.

More at Rasmussen via Yglesias.

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