75th Annual Louisiana Shrimp & Petroleum Festival On For September 2010

shrimp petroleum festival photo
Image credit:Colleen Kane. Down By The Riverside.

The Shrimp & Petroleum Festival website main page indicates that the Fest is still on for September of this year. I have to love the optimism. A short excerpt from the promo, presented below, is worth reading to appreciate how strongly integrated the cultural traditions of fishing, eating, and oil extraction are on the Louisiana Coast: aka the "Cajun Coast." Interestingly, it looks as if Shell is a sponsor but British Petroleum is not. (Somebody might not be welcome at the picnic, anyway.)

This is an event that will prove that oil and water really do mix. Deep in the heart of Cajun Country, every Labor Day Weekend, tens of thousands of people celebrate at Louisiana's oldest chartered harvest festival.

The festival has been honoring those who have worked tirelessly through rain and shine...and sometimes even hurricanes, to provide the area's economic lifeblood for over half a century. The festival also emphasizes the unique way in which these two seemingly different industries work hand-in-hand culturally and environmentally in this area of the "Cajun Coast."

Sure hope the blown-out well gets plugged in time to save the shrimp. people's livelihoods, and culture.

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