7 Yr. Old With Heart of Gold to Be Youngest Ever to Summit Mt. Kilimanjaro

While I'm willing to bet that those two elephants make Keats Boyd, a 7 yr.-old from Sherman Oaks, California seem a whole lot shorter than he actually is, the truth is that he's got a heart of gold that's at least the size of each of them.

It began simply enough when he sat down and watched the video Volcano Above the Clouds and realized that he wanted to do something positive to make a difference. And having also watched legendary Primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall on television before meeting her in person had really left an impression too. So he resolved to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise funds for both the Jane Goodall Institute and Kids of Kilimanjaro, his two favorite charities, and become the youngest person ever to reach the summit.Now he's expecting to make it to the top somewhere around January 22, so I'm willing to bet he's hard at work preparing for the effort. And as you might expect, he and his dad have worked out deals with a couple of corporate sponsors to help make the trip happen. But he's still raising funds for his favorite charities as part of the adventure, and if you'd like to lend a hand or just learn more they've got a great little website you can check out quite aptly named Climb A Volcano.

It seems one determined 7 yr.-old can really make a difference.

Go Keats!

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7 Yr. Old With Heart of Gold to Be Youngest Ever to Summit Mt. Kilimanjaro
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