7 Hot CEOs and Their Cool Green Companies

scott hahn loomstate hot eco ceo

Scott Mackinlay Hahn, Loomstate. Photo courtesy of Loomstate.
Sustainable companies are on the rise but that didn't make it any easier for us to pick out the hottest eco-CEOs paving the way. However, we've managed to narrow the list down to seven that have kick-started global change. The hotties listed below (in no particular order) have businesses that are very different in many ways, but they all have one goal in common: Yup, you guessed it--our future.

1. Scott Mackinlay Hahn: Loomstate

Based in New York City, Loomstate was launched by Scott Hahn along with designer Rogan Gregory. Known for using 100 percent organic materials, it's now one of the hottest eco-luxe labels in the fashion industry. The environment was a definite influence for the launch of Loomstate, as the Web site notes that colors and shapes such as windswept dunes and sun bleached stones have been true inspirations. Hahn’s biggest challenge is managing the supply chain for organic cotton. Loomstate is trying to build direct relationships with farms and cooperatives, and each piece of clothing made is overseen from start to finish. The company started out in 2004 with organic jeans and retailers are now getting pressure from consumers to carry green clothing lines. Hahn is already seeing knock-offs of Loomstate’s duds, and told Worldchanging, "If they're going to knock us off, knock off the organic concept as well."

david anderson green options hot eco ceo photo

David Anderson, Green Options Media. Photo courtesy of Green Options Media.

2. David Anderson: Green Options Media

What do you get when you throw together a blog, a wiki, and discussion forums all focused on "greening the good life?" Green Options Media, of course. Launched in 2007 by David Anderson as GreenOptions.com, the Web site is now an online media portal and a leading source for green news and information. Born into the internet era, the 20-something founder's technical knowledge and youthful zeal for environmental issues is what brought Green Options quickly to life at a time when the general public needed green basics. Based in Berkeley, California, Green Options Media continues to thrive, and Anderson’s nationwide staff continues to grow. Anderson recently noted in an Ecopreneur Profile: "Green Options thrives on the challenge of using technology to bring sustainable living education to the masses and turning the tides of society for the better."

charisse mcauliffe gengreen hot eco ceo photo

Charisse McCauliffe, GenGreenLife.com. Photo courtesy of GenGreen.

3. Charisse McAuliffe: GenGreenLife.com

Looking for eco-friendly resources that are local as well? Charisse McAuliffe’s GenGreenLife.com is your answer. What started in late 2006 as a Colorado-based non-profit dedicated to bringing green mainstream is now a national network with over 35,000 resources throughout the United States. McAuliffe’s mission has always been: by supporting your neighbor you are also supporting yourself and a sustainable future. She started small by hosting networking events and other lecture style gatherings to bring like-minded people together in the Fort Collins community. Recently, GenGreenLife.com partnered with National Geographic’s Green Guide to offer a green online destination where consumers can find reliable information on green products and lifestyle tips, make eco-conscious purchases, and discover how to find and support local eco-friendly businesses.

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