60% Isn't Enough: Canvass Your MP on the UK Climate Change Bill


The launch of CanvassYourMP.com today is a testament to the power of green blogging and networking. This time last week 10 green bloggers gathered together in the Houses of Parliament in London to discuss how we can motivate Members of Parliament to vote on increasing the target of the UK Climate Change Bill. Exactly a week later, thanks to the help of many volunteers, the result of the brainstorming session is live on the web. Talk about taking action!

Appropriately, just as the Canvass Your MP campaign went live online, MPs gathered today in Westminster to debate the proposal for the world's first national cross party bill on Climate Change. While the idea is innovative in itself, and would make a clear statement about the UK Government's commitment to tackling climate change, many believe a 60% reduction is not enough. The Canvass Your MP campaign aims to encourage members of the public to engage with their local MPs on this issue by going to meet them in person.There's nothing like a bit of one on one time to convince someone of your true feelings and many British people feel passionately that the UK Government needs to take positive action on Climate Change. Canvass Your MP is providing three easy steps for you to take action.

1. If you don't already know your MP you can find out by entering your postcode into the Find Your MP website.

2. Contact your constituency MP at their surgery. You can use this website to find telephone numbers and surgery times.

3. As soon as you get a response from your MP, saying that they will (or won't) support the 80% target, let us know by reporting back.

The Canvass Your MP website will show people taking their future into their own hands, proving that the power of the individual is an amazing force. The more people that meet their MPs to discuss their thoughts about the Climate Change Bill the more informed the Government will be and the more likely they will vote for the 80% target.

Several UK green blogs are already involved in the Canvass Your MP campaign such a John Grant's Greenormal and Green Guys Global. We hope that the whole green blogosphere carries this message to as many readers in the UK as possible. Extra special thanks must go to Steve Webb MP the motivator behind this idea and the host of 10 green bloggers last week and to Jez Swinscoe of Make Hay Media who volunteered his time to create the Canvass Your MP website.

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