6 Days Until Dropping Knowledge: Table of Free Voices


The table is tested. The largest round table ever built, that is. A table that has proven itself in an undisclosed location in Berlin; proved itself with volunteers who, despite Berlin's international nature, certainly could only offer a foretaste of the names, the voices, the personalities who will occupy that table on 9 September on Bebelplatz. Because on 9 September, Dropping Knowledge will host 112 of the most influential people of our times around this table. They will face 100 questions, questions offered by the on-line public and selected based on on-line votes. The nine-hour question marathon will be moderated by Nigerian activist Hafsat Abiola and US American actor Willem Dafoe. It is a unique moment in history, mating the intelligence of people of action with the greatest questions of our era. It will start a dialogue which will use the power of media, not to sell the newest gadget, but to communicate a vision which will help us to understand the importance of each individual's choice in choosing the future of our species and our planet. If you can bike, train or travel to Berlin, be there to lend your "vote" for recognition of the value of this event to our generation. If you can't make it to the event in person, do not despair. Your TreeHugger reporter will bring you coverage and commentary on the events, the personalities and the gestalt. If you have a special question for one of the participants, give it in the comments and we will do our best to get you an answer.TreeHugger has mentioned Dropping Knowledge before, as a young upstart with a great vision: to turn apathy into activity. Recognizing that apathy is a defense mechanism against all the tragedy in a world too large to influence, Dropping Kowledge is trying to increase the momentum towards choosing to change those things we can, by sharing the wisdom to understand which things we should choose to change. The optimist vibrates with the excitement, the possibilities. The cynic knows we have been here before. But Dropping Knowledge is offering something new. At a minimum, the excitement of the largest round table in a public responsive to record-setting. The largest round table is a small achievement, but if the voices around it have merit, Dropping Knowledge could be the King Arthur of the democratic generation. TreeHugger will be there to see it, and we will give you the feedback to decide for yourself: will you remain apathetic, or has the time for action come?