57,000 New Jobs Could Be Created in US National Parks

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Glacier National Park, photo: B D

With the economy foundering at the moment, it's not surprising that many people are proposing projects to the incoming Obama administration that will create new jobs and benefit the economy as a whole. A new report from the National Parks Conservation Association does its part for promoting reinvestment in the US National Parks system as another worthy area for green investment.

The report says that they are $2.5 billion worth of job-creating projects in the National Parks, and furthermore that for every dollar invested there it could bring back four dollars in value to the public. Here are the sort of jobs which could be created:
Road Repair, Accessibility Improvements, Trail Repair, More
Illustrating the wide area in which these jobs would be created, the NCPA highlights, "road repair projects in Acadia in Maine, Death Valley in California, and Glacier in Montana; accessibility improvements in the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and North Carolina; sewer system repair in Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio; historic building preservation in Dry Tortugas in Florida and Valley Forge in Pennsylvania; and construction of much-needed employee housing in the Grand Canyon as examples of ready-to-go national park projects nationwide."

The report goes on to say that,

Additional projects would repair trails and bridges that visitors use every day, control invasive species, "green" park facilities such as visitor centers, and launch clean energy programs. In total, these investments will create economic activity, including upwards of 57,000 jobs, and address critical park needs in time for the Park Service's 2016 centennial.

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