$50 Off a Kindle Purchase, Thanks to Oprah


We've often talked about e-readers here at TreeHugger. Some folks are fans, calling out the greener elements of reading from something like a Kindle versus buying a paper book. Others are not so much the e-reader fans, pointing towards libraries and borrowing from friends as the best way to greenly read.

But, if you've been itching for a Kindle, you can get an extra $50 off thanks to Oprah and her crush on the gadget. It is officially her latest "favorite gadget" and Amazon is all excited at the publicity and at getting a leg up on competing e-readers.

Thanks to her massive influence on book sales, such an endorsement for an e-reader could me a whole lot of trees are equally excited about the news.

Read on for how you can save $50 on your purchase. Regardless of if you're an Oprah Bookclub lover or disser, you can nab the savings which is a pretty decent chunk of change for such an expensive product. Add to that how much cheaper books are when you buy them for a Kindle and you're on your way to a slightly thicker wallet.

According to Oprah.com, viewers can get a little special treatment:

As a special offer for Oprah Show viewers, Amazon.com is giving $50 off the price of Kindle. Enter the promotional code OPRAHWINFREY during the checkout process at Amazon.com to receive the discount. This offer is valid through November 1, 2008.

Code for $50 off the price of Kindle: OPRAHWINFREY

E-readers are gaining in popularity for a lot of reasons - the books are cheaper, it's a smaller reading package for traveling, they save a whole lot of paper, they're just plain old cool.

Of course, we still advocate heading off to the library whenever possible as the greenest way to get your reading fix. But e-readers are a great option for a convenient and (arguably) greener reading experience.

Plus, you can get TreeHugger on your Kindle and read the blog even when you are away from your computer. How cool is that?!

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