50 Arrested, Many Injured in Coal Plant Protest


Photos via AFP
Climate activists staged a protest at a coal plant in England, where hundreds gathered in opposition to polluting coal-fired power. The protest eventually escalated, with minor clashes between the police and the activists--until the protesters attempted to break through the security fence around the power plant. 50 protesters were arrested, many were bruised and injured, and one police officer had to be airlifted to a hospital with serious injuries. Can't We All Just Get Along (Without Coal Power?)
On the one hand, it's good to see civil disobedience efforts increasing in size, strength, and conviction. On the other, well, nobody should have to be airlifted to the hospital.


Green Inc reports on the story:
According to news reports, hundreds of protesters were trying to break through a security fence around the plant, which is owned by the giant German utility E.ON. One police officer who sustained head injuries was reportedly airlifted to hospital ... the police had injured several protesters and that the injuries included "dog bites, a dislocated ankle and head injuries."

The group that organized the event, Camp for Climate Action, issued a public statement that their campaign was designed "to confront the causes of climate change, not get into conflict with the police." They also wished the injured police officer a speedy recovery. Some estimates put the total number of protesters on the scene at 1,000, and some UK news outlets report that up to 30 more people have been arrested "in connection" with the protest.

A total of three officers were hurt in the protest, one of them seriously.

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