50 African Nations Stage Boycott at Barcelona Climate Talks - Demand Discussion of Deeper Emission Cuts

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photo: Adopt a Negotiator via flickr.

A boycott by 50 African nations at the Barcelona climate talks has forced cancellation of several technical meetings, Economic Times reports. At issue are the weak emission reductions targets offered up by the rich nations of the world, which is the only topic the African nations said they were willing to discuss:'Let's Focus on Real Issues'
Reuters quotes the head of the South African delegation as saying the Africans have not walked out of the talks, "They've saying let's focus on the real issues, which is [sic] targets for developed countries."

Adding to that sentiment was Kabeya Tshikuk from the Democratic Republic of Congo, who said, "Africa believes that the other groups are not taking talks seriously enough, not urgently enough."

Today Was Flexing Muscle, Proper Walkout Possible Friday
On the ground in Barcelona, Ben Jervey from Adopt a Negotiator told TreeHugger the African action was more of a flex of muscle than a real shutdown; suspended meetings are expected to resume later today or tomorrow.

That said, the threat of a genuine walkout remains, possibly on Friday.

Rich Nations' Emission Cuts Below Scientific Recommendations
Just as a reminder, climate scientists say industrialized nations need to make emissions cuts of 25-40% below 1990 levels by 2020 to keep catastrophic climate change at bay. Current emissions reductions offered by most of the world's rich nations are in the 11-20% range.

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