5 Innovations to Make Telecommuting Easy & Green

A Decent Office Chair

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Some may scoff at the price tag of a decent office chair—especially a green one—but if you are seriously thinking of making your home your office, then you should make it as comfortable as possible. And a well-designed chair can be a huge comfort, not to mention a potential back saver. Why not check out our BuyGreen Guide to Desk Chairs, or go antiquing for an old-school treasure. Either way, it's sometimes the simplest technologies that are the most important to get right.

Programmable Thermostats, CFLs, and All Things Green

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Now what the heck has a thermostat got to do with telecommuting? Confusingly, one British study has actually claimed that office workers may produce less CO2 than home workers, due to the relative efficiency of heating one office rather than 15 homes—though we suspected at the time that this may be a gross over-simplification. Nevertheless, to optimize the green rewards of telecommuting, we need to make sure that telecommuters are operating in a green environment. A home-worker who heats their home efficiently, uses energy saving light bulbs, and buys green power (all of which are easier to do at home than encouraging your boss to change office policy) is going to save a lot more CO2 than someone who cranks the thermostat and boils the kettle every ten minutes. (Likewise, an office worker who takes the bus and turns the heat or AC down when they are at work will have a lesser impact too.) If you're the only one at home, why not look to see if you can implement zoned heating or cooling. Even just turning down the heat on unused floors will help keep costs down.

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