40% of Britons Fear the Carbon Police

1984 cover
While Britain's Energy Saving Trust has a positive vision for reducing carbon, laid out in a new report with the questionable title Emission Impossible? (they have a penchant for bad puns, their last report was The Ampere Strikes Back) their CEO Philip Sellwood made the mistake of releasing a survey on the same day that is getting a lot more press coverage. He writes:

"Well, according to a survey we carried out recently it appears that people in the UK have a somewhat Orwellian view of what life might be like in 2050! More than four in ten Brits think the UK will need its own Carbon Police to enforce regulations and a quarter believe the worst environmental offenders will be forced to go to energy rehab, or take energy addiction courses."

Great cover of 1984 from ::Lundblog via ::BoingBoing

From Emmissions Impossible, which we will review shortly.

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