3C Initiative: Companies Band Together to Combat Climate Change


Although problematic in many respects, the Kyoto Protocol has – and continues to - contribute positively towards addressing climate change in a global context. However, when the protocol expires in 2013 the need for global climate protection policy will not end. Passing the buck to private industry might be the solution.

Earlier this month, on January 16, 2007, the 3C Initiative, or Combat Climate Change, was announced in Brussels. According to the group's web site, companies that join the 3C Initiative agree "to take responsibility to combat global climate change and prepare to take action now and to urge for the support of the global community to create incentives for commercial solutions, technological development and market-based investments." Founding members of 3C include both power companies (Duke Energy, Endesa, Eskom, PG&E;, Suez, Vattenfall) and manufacturers of power-generating equipment (ABB, Alstom, GE, Siemens). The Swedish energy company Vattenfall, is coordinating the initiative. Using the Vattenfall report as a guiding star, members agree that an "adaptive burden-sharing model" for addressing climate change is called for. The 18 corporate members agree; the group was created "to underline the need for urgent action by the global community and to influence the post-Kyoto process by demanding a global framework supporting a market-based solution to the climate change issue. This can be achieved by getting as many companies as possible aboard and by getting our common platform well known and well understood."

Expected to be actively garnering new members during the World Economic Forum in Davos, the group has issued an "urgent request to the global community and all its representatives" to join in. :: Combat Climate Change