360 huge businesses defend Paris climate deal

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There was a time when most people advocating for climate action were bike-riding hippies and other counterculture figures. That time has long since past.

The latest sign that robust climate action is a mainstream priority is the fact—as reported over at Business Green—that 360 businesses just spoke out urging President Elect Trump to honor the Paris climate agreement and continue to support bold action to reduce emissions.

These aren't inconsequential businesses, either. The list includes:
—Gap Inc.
—General Mills
—Hewlett Packard Enterprises
—HP Inc.
—Kellogg Company
—Levi Strauss & Co.
—L'areal USA
—Mars Incorporated
—Schneider Electric
—VF Corporation

And most of these businesses are taking major steps themselves to cut emissions and move our economy toward a lower carbon future. Mars, for example, is fully committed to moving toward 100% renewable energy and is already purchasing massive amounts of wind power to get there.

Heck, even Exxon is openly supporting the Paris climate agreement.

None of these moves should be taken as a signal that vigilance over corporate environmental abuses is no longer relevant, nor that corporate power can inevitably prevent backsliding on climate progress, but they are one more sign among many that the ultimate momentum is on the side of continued, prolonged and far-reaching action to cut emissions.

360 huge businesses defend Paris climate deal
But hey, what do they know about economics?

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