35% of Americans Feel Obama is Doing "Too Little" on Climate

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Okay, so it's not anywhere close to a majority. And it's still pretty dismal that 65% of the nation is contented with what's among the most nonexistent climate policy in the industrialized world -- and that 22% of Americans think Obama is still doing "too much" (!) on climate. But the findings of a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll mark an improvement over last year, and it may show that the spark of anti-climate fanaticism is slowly dying out, even as the politicians who rose during its peak are at the height of their powers in Congress. Here's Climate Progress, parsing the poll results:

The pollsters had asked respondents "if you think Barack Obama is giving too much attention to this issue, too little attention to this issue, or the right amount of attention to this issue." Back in January 2010, it was 27% "too little" and 29% "too much" and 37% "right amount." But now it is 35% "too little" and 22% "too much" and 39% "right amount."

Not a huge shift, but still pretty impressive given that the disinformers have almost certainly outspent the pro-science crowd in the past 6 to 9 months, especially counting all of the brutal 'cap-and-tax' ads run by the likes of the Chamber of Commerce in the campaign.

The change is small enough to be noise in the machine, but I'd truly be losing faith in humanity if the revelation that the 00s were the hottest decade in recorded history, the slew of extreme weather events, and the too-gradual recognition that ClimateGate was a heap of bunk didn't boost at least some folks' confidence in the vast body of scientific evidence that proves the climate is warming, and that man is to blame.

So thank you, you freshly climate-savvy 8% of America, for coming around to support the position that more action is required to address what is almost certainly the most serious threat facing mankind! Now, only some 30% more to go!

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