32 US Firms Commit To Reduce Energy Intensity 25 Percent, Over 10 Years

US sectoral energy intensity trends image

Image credit:USDOE

This is voluntary, of course. But there are strong incentives to make it work. Businesses that sign on get free technical support from government energy efficiency experts, better odds of saving money, and long-range strategic advantage. As announced by the US Department of Energy the "Save Energy Now® LEADER Program, ...will provide technical assistance and resources to companies that pledge significant improvements in industrial energy efficiency." Firms signing on are listed below.

The LEADER program is a new component of the existing and successful Save Energy Now initiative through which companies partner with DOE to conduct energy audits and assessments designed to identify the opportunities for energy and cost savings in the companies' operations. Participating businesses also have access to tools and training to implement recommendations designed to help reduce their energy use and lower operating costs. Over 2,000 plants received energy assessments through Save Energy Now from 2006 to 2009. To date, those assessments have identified opportunities for $1.3 billion in identified cost savings, 119 trillion Btu of natural gas savings, and 11.2 million metric tons of CO2 savings.

The companies signing the pledge include

  1. 3M (St. Paul, MN)

  2. AT&T; (Dallas, TX)

  3. BPM, Inc. (Peshtigo, WI)

  4. Bridgestone (McMinnville, TN)

  5. Briggs & Stratton (Wauwatosa, WI)

  6. Cummins, Inc. (Columbus, IN)

  7. Danfoss (Baltimore, MD)

  8. Didion Milling (Johnson Creek, WI)

  9. The Dow Chemical Company (Midland, MI)

  10. Flambeau River Papers (Park Falls, WI)

  11. Honeywell (Morristown, NJ)

  12. Ingersoll Rand/Trane (Piscataway, NJ)

  13. Intel (Santa Clara, CA)

  14. JR Simplot (Boise, ID)

  15. Manitowoc Grey Iron Foundry (Manitowoc, WI)

  16. Mohawk Industries (Dalton, GA)

  17. Neenah Foundry (Neenah, WI)

  18. Nissan North America (Smyrna, TN)

  19. Osram Sylvania (Danvers, MA)

  20. Owens Corning (Toledo, OH)

  21. PPG Industries (Pittsburgh, PA)

  22. Quad/Graphics, Inc. (Sussex, WI)

  23. Schneider Electric (Palatine, IL)

  24. Serious Materials (Sunnyvale, CA)

  25. Shaw Industries (Dalton, GA)

  26. Sherwin-Williams, Richmond (Richmond, KY)

  27. Spirax Sarco, Inc. (Blythewood, SC)

  28. Thilmany Papers (Kaukauna, WI)

  29. ThyssenKrupp Waupaca (Waupaca, WI)

  30. United Technologies Corp. (Hartford, CT)

  31. Verso Paper (Memphis, TN)

  32. Volvo Trucks, Inc. (Dublin, VA)

Strategic values.

  • Firms able to reduce energy intensity using proprietary designs get a first-in advantage on defining and then complying with BACT.

  • Lowering emissions after a Cap&Trade; baseline year yields marketable or tradeable permit emission credits.

  • Sends positive message to stockholders.

  • Drives macro-economic indicator trend down (from where pictured above).