3,000 US Coal Power Plants Could be Replaced by Offshore Wind Power: Sec. of Interior

offshore wind farm copenhagen photo

photo: pastalane via flickr

It's been nearly three years since TreeHugger covered a report asserting that offshore wind power could meet all the United States' electric needs, so when Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar talks up wind's great potential, my reaction is more along the lines of "finally!" more than anything else. The interesting thing is how Salazar is framing that 1 million megawatts of wind power potential—in terms of how many coal plants we could replace:Salazar said that if we fully exploited the United States' offshore wind power potential we could replace 3,000 coal-fired power plants. Considering that the US has not a single functioning offshore wind farm at the time of this writing (though several in various planning and permitting stages), there's a very long road ahead to replacing those coal plants, but it's great that Salazar is even willing to talk about renewable energy in these terms.

All that said, these remarks were made at a public hearing it Atlantic City on the future of offshore oil exploration on the Outer Continental Shelf. Let's not lose sight of the fact that Salazar is clearly of the opinion that fossil fuels are part of the US' fuel mix for quite some time. Which might be a realistic thing to say, but is hardly visionary.

via: NRDC Switchboard
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