30 Days For Federal Simulus Dollars To Hit State & Local Government Coffers

energy management workers photo
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Residential renewable energy system workers in North Carolina.

In coming days, there will be hundreds of state and local newspaper stories just like this one, in the North Carolina "News & Observer" - "From the $6.1 billion that is headed for the state, nearly $113 million will be designated for low-income families and senior citizens to weatherize their homes. The State Energy Office, meanwhile, is expecting at least 12 times its typical federal allocation of less than $1 million a year, and perhaps as much as $77 million, for efforts to boost energy efficiency and alternative energy." The News & Observer explains the factor X 18 speed-up of funding dispersal over what normally would be expected:

Steve Kalland, director of the N.C. Solar Center at N.C. State University, was among a small group from several states who met with Energy Secretary Steve Chu last week. Chu said that money could start flowing to states within 30 days of the final approval of the stimulus package, compared with a more typical 12- to 18-month wait for such funds.
Good news.

This is a one time only opportunity for each and every state to get conservation and alternative energy right. Any scams with the stimulus money and we'll recommend a heavy sentence of wind turbine blade lashings.

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