3 Tesla Motors Employees Reported Dead in Palo Alto Plane Crash [Updated]

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Image: Youtube screen capture

Update: Many sources are now identifying the victims of yesterday's plane crash as Tesla Motors employees Doug Bourn of Santa Clara, a senior electrical engineer; Andrew Ingram of Palo Alto, an electrical engineer; and Brian M. Finn of East Palo Alto; a senior manager of interactive electronics. The coroner's official ID is taking place today.

Identities of Victims Not Yet Known

A small twin-engine Cessna 310 plane crashed in Palo Alto, California today. The latest reports are that it was piloted by a Tesla Motors executive, and that two other employees were on board. The company hasn't yet confirmed the identity of the victims. What we know is this: The plane had taken off from Palo Alto Airport and was headed for Hawthorne Municipal Airport in Los Angeles County. It crashed into transmission lines around 7:55 AM, shortly after take off, and landed into an "East Palo Alto neighborhood, killing all three people on board, tearing into electrical transmission lines and sparking several fires on the ground."The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the plane was owned by Doug Bourn, a senior electrical engineer for Tesla Motors, an electric sports car maker.

The plane crashed on the 1200 block of Beech Street near Pulgas Avenue about 7:55 a.m., said Lt. Ray Lunny of the San Mateo County Sheriff's Department. A house on the street was damaged and the plane destroyed three cars, Lunny said, but there were no reports of injuries on the ground.

We will publish an update when we know more.

Our most sincere condolences to the friends and families.

Update: Motor Authority just wrote: "we have confirmed through our sources that Tesla vice president of communications Ricardo Reyes and vice president Diarmuid O'Connel were not on board the flight. Fox is reporting that Tesla CEO Elon Musk was also not involved in the crash."


Update: KCBS reporting that ones of the houses hit by plane debris was a day-care center. Thankfully, no injuries were reported.

Update: Elon Musk posted this on the Tesla website:

"Three Tesla employees were on board a plane that crashed in East Palo Alto early this morning. We are withholding their identities as we work with the relevant authorities to notify the families. Our thoughts and prayers are with them. Tesla is a small, tightly-knit company, and this is a tragic day for us."

- Elon Musk, CEO

He also told FOX News that this was "the worst day in Telsa's history."

Update: 3 photos of the downed power lines can be seen here.

Update: The Mercury News has tons of photos of the crash sites and burning houses.

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