28 South Korean Universities Sign Green MOU

Students at South Korean University Photo

Image via: Myskers on Flickr.com

The Presidents of 28 South Korean Universities this week all signed MOU's declaring their intention to make campuses around the country more green and eco-friendly, reports the Korea Herald. Fortunately, there are plenty of campuses around the world going green today so they will have plenty of inspiration. First, annual plans will be developed and updated (annually) to focus on how to conserve water and resources, grow sustainably and purchase eco-friendly technologies for each campus. Money will be invested for research programs into renewable energy and technologies and classes on smart growth will also be created at each of the campuses. Educational events will also be hosted at each university to encourage the adoption of eco-friendly habits. Reducing carbon emissions is also one of the largest goals, and most campuses plan to encourage bicycle use and make each campus car-free.

The MOU was developed by South Korea's Green Campus Council, which was established in November 2008. Aside from 28 University Presidents, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs all signed onto the agreement. :The Korea Herald
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