24 Republican Representatives Lied & Continue to Lie About Climate Bill Costs

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We knew something a couple months ago, when it seemed some Republican representatives were willfully distorting the facts on the climate bill. Yet even after the figure was officially debunked, with the help of Factcheck.org and even the author of the study where the GOP claimed to have gleaned their figures, many Republican members of the House continued to parrot the line that the climate bill would cost each American $3,100 a year. Now, the verdict is clear: They flat out lied.Who Cites Faulty Figures?
Media Matters has compiled a list of 24 Republicans who cited the false figure on the House floor (as well as their exact quotes), well after the figure had been disproved. And they're still doing it, and will likely pass the line onto their Senate colleagues.

From Media Matters:

Despite numerous conflicting estimates, Republicans in Congress continue to repeat the debunked myth that the American Clean Energy and Security Act will raise costs by $3,100 a year. In reality, the bill would create jobs in every state and help America become more energy independent, all for the price of a postage stamp per day.

As you may recall, the figures came from a study done by an MIT researcher who has since repeatedly called the GOP and informed them of their 'misinterpretation.' According to reports, the reply was essentially, 'we like the number we've got.'

We Can't Let This 'Massive Tax' Talk Get Into People's Heads
You might ask: Aren't you just bashing Republicans for the sake of bashing Republicans? And why is all of this so important?

Firstly, I'm not. It's important to point out that there were 8 bold GOPers voted in favor of the climate bill and didn't cite the false stats that their peers did, only to end up being branded 'Cap and Tr8tors' for it.

Second, it's important because the GOP's line about Waxman-Markey being the 'biggest tax hike in history' makes a lot of people nervous, including Democratic senators whose vote is important for the bill's passage.

This untrue 'massive tax' nonsense is burying its way into people's subconsciousness, and it's creating a giant stumbling block for politicians who may otherwise vote for the bill, but are concerned with their re-election bids.

"The $3,100 Figure Is A Misrepresentation Of Both Obama's Proposal And The Study From Which The Number Is Derived."
Which is why the following from Factcheck.org needs to be broadcast as publicly as possible:

Leading Republicans are claiming that President Obama's proposal to curb greenhouse gas emissions would cost households as much as $3,100 per year. The Republican National Committee calls it a 'massive national energy tax.' But the $3,100 figure is a misrepresentation of both Obama's proposal and the study from which the number is derived... If the government did use revenue from cap and trade 'to pay an equal lump-sum rebate to every household,' the CBO expert said, 'lower-income households could be better off.'"

In fact, as has been noted before, the cost is estimated to be $175 a year per family--less than 50 cents a day.

So spread the word, and help keep Congress members accountable for their lies--the $3,1000 a year figure is absolutely false.

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