2010 Detroit Auto Show: Ford Invests $450M in Michigan for Hybrids & PHEVs

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Photo: Michael Graham Richard
Will Also Design Battery and Hybrid Transmission Development In-House
Ford, who just unveiled the new Focus, has also announced that it would invest an additional $450 million in its Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan (formerly a SUV plant). That's on top of $550 million already invested to turn that plant into a factory for the new Focus and Electric Focus. On top of this, Ford must have realized that it will very soon be a big competitive advantage to have its own battery and hybrid transmission technology, so they've decided to bring that development in-house.
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Photo: Michael Graham Richard

From Ford:

Ford will design advanced lithium-ion battery systems in-house for the next-generation hybrid in Michigan and move production of the battery packs from Mexico to Michigan. The production site will be announced at a later date.

In addition, Ford has announced it will produce hybrid transaxles at its Van Dyke Transmission facility in Sterling Heights, Mich., beginning in 2012.

Ford's EV plan for the next three years looks something like this:

-Ford Transit Connect battery electric vehicle commercial van in 2010
-Ford Focus Electric passenger car in 2011
-Next-generation hybrid based on C-car platform in 2012
-Plug-in hybrid based on C-car platform in 2012

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