20 Hip Ways to Go Green

meeky.jpg Since you are a treehugger reader, you are already so hip it hurts. But, just in case, Marie Claire, the fashion magazine, has 20 tips that you can check. Some are already well-known to treehuggers; wearing those hemp knickers and Beyond Skin shoes, taking the solar boat on the Serpentine, and following Darryl Hannah's lead. Put a brick in the toilet to save water, eat locally, use worms in the compost and eat greens instead of meat. Use Barefoot Botanicals make-up. When taking it off, use washable pads instead of all those cotton balls. See "The Blood Diamond", the new film about the diamond industry in Sierra Leone, Africa starring Leonardo diCaprio, another new green celebrity. Go to an eco-spa. Build a roof garden. Are we there yet? Use Burt's Bees Lip balm. Burn natural candles. Check your home energy consumption with Wattson, a display that measures personal energy use. And finally, listen to Meeky Rosie, the new band from Plymouth who did the sound track for the documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car", along with that vegan Moby. Whew! How cool is that. :: Marie Claire

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