170 Million Acres of Boreal Forest Saved in Major Historic Agreement! That's the Size of Texas

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Image: The Nature Conservancy

Logging to Stop Immediately on Area the Size of Montana

In a historic agreement, 20 major timber companies and 9 environmental groups agreed on a plan to protect 170 million acres of boreal forest in Canada. The Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement also includes a logging moratorium on an area roughly the size of Montana (!) to protect endangered caribou, and the land mass in the plan equals the total amount of forest lost globally between 1990 and 2005. Truly a massive deal! Read on for details."Under the Agreement [orest Products Association of Canada (FPAC)] members, who manage two-thirds of all certified forest land in Canada, commit to the highest environmental standards of forest management within an area twice the size of Germany. Conservation groups commit to global recognition and support for FPAC member efforts. The Agreement calls for the suspension of new logging on nearly 29 million hectares of Boreal Forest to develop conservation plans for endangered caribou, while maintaining essential fiber supplies for uninterrupted mill operations. "Do Not Buy" campaigns by Canopy, ForestEthics and Greenpeace will be suspended while the Agreement is being implemented."

Great to see greens and loggers working together. This is certainly more productive than boycotts and finger pointing, even if sometimes that is also necessary.

I hope that this deal will serve as an example in other parts of the world were forests are threatened by over-exploitation and the ecosystems that they support are on the brink.

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