1.5 Billion Kilowatt-Hours More Green Power Purchased in 2009 by EPA Program Partners

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The Environmental Protection Agency is touting the latest numbers from its Green Power Partnership program, which works with some 1,200 organizations tracking their voluntary purchases of green power. The big deal right now is that the program's top ten power purchasers increased their commitments by more than 1.5 billion kilowatt-hours in 2009, and that an additional 300 members signed up:In terms of total power purchases, EPA says nearly 18 billion kWh of green power was purchased last year, an amount equivalent to more than 1.6 million average homes in the United States.

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Intel Continues to Top List
Topping the list for another year is Intel Corp., which purchased slightly over 1.43 bllion kWh, supplying 51% of its total electricity use from renewable sources.

Kohl's Department Stores was the second-largest green power purchaser, with approximately 1.37 billion kWh of electricity satisfying 100% of its electricity demand last year.

PepsiCo also supplied 100% of its demand, with 1.23 billion kWh purchased.

Whole Foods Market went to eleven, purchasing 105% of its electric demand from solar and wind power.

Rounding out the top ten organizations were the City of Houston, Texas (34% of demand), Dell Inc. (129%), The Pepsi Bottling Group (100%), Cisco Systems (46%), Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (40%), Johnson & Johnson (34%).

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Air Force, HSBC, Dept. of Energy Purchases Noteworthy
Just outside that group, it's interesting to note that the US Air Force occupies 11th place, with nearly 340 million kWh of renewable energy purchased last year. That's just 4% of its electricity demand, which gives you an idea of just how much power the military consumes.

Also worth noting: HSBC North America is the largest bank in the program with 98% of its electricity coming from wind power.

And... while the EPA itself purchases 101% of its electricity from renewable sources, the Department of Energy (the second highest ranked Federal agency) purchased just 4%.

Not exactly leading by example there DoE.

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