12,000 Baby Chicks Die in Factory Farm Fire

poultry fire photo

Image: walb.com

A fire at a poultry factory farm in Georgia killed more than 12,000 baby chicks last week. News reports say it's a huge economic loss for the company, but nothing about the suffering the chicks must have gone through. Weirdly, the incident happened on the fifth anniversary of the day a tornado touched down on the same farm and damaged two chicken houses, killing 20,000 chickens.WALB News reports that the fire was likely started by the heaters that were switched on to keep the chicks warm in record low temperatures.

The farm is owned by International Poultry Breeders, which has full confidence it will recover.

But is another poultry factory farm building the kind of recovery we really need?

On the consumer end, it's yet another reason to give up meat, or at the least give up factory-farmed meat, so facilities like these stop having demand to feed into.

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