114 Anti-Coal Activists Preemptively Arrested by UK Police

radcliffe on soar power plant photo

photo: E.ON

As demonstrations against airport expansion plans and coal-fired power plants grow in the UK, it seems police are increasingly looking to nip these disruptive actions in the bud. The Guardian has documented growing surveillance of environmental groups over the past few years.

In the latest instance, 114 people have been arrested in a pre-emptive raid. It's believed to be the largest such raid on environmental activists in UK history:The raid was on a school in Nottingham, and was linked to planned protest on the nearby Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station. Those arrested where detained for conspiracy to commit criminal damage and aggravated trespass.

May Have Been Planning to Chain Themselves to Conveyor Belts
On what the activists may have been planning on doing, The Guardian reports,

...campaign veterans speculated that demonstrators may have planned to chain themselves to conveyor belts taking coal into the power plant in order to stop the generators when fuel ran out. The tactic has been used at both Ratcliffe and a coal plant in Kingsnorth, Kent, both owned by the utility company E.ON.

I've asked it before, but where do TreeHugger readers draw the line on civil disobedience and direct action versus coal power plants? Protesting outside? Blocking entry? Hijacking coal trains? Throwing themselves on the machinery?

via: The Guardian
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