11 ideas competing in the Sustainable Brands Innovation Open

Sustainable Brands Innovation Open
Screen capture Sustainable Brands Innovation Open

The Sustainable Brands Innovation Open is sort of a Shark Tank or Dragon's Den for sustainable business ideas. Eleven semi-finalists come to San Diego in June to pitch their plans to a jury; then a short list of 4 does the dog and pony for the crowd. The business jargonese is a bit impenetrable in their description of the competition and in the descriptions of the entries, so I will try and translate into english as required.

The Innovation Open is back to catalyze the progress and impact of the next generation of better brands featuring the startups who, given the right support and exposure, can contribute to a flourishing future economically, socially and environmentally.

We are going to show the most interesting new sustainable ideas to a lot of people.

It is an interesting mix of proposals; I have watched all of the videos and did a google patent search on every "patent pending" claim. Some have been around the block for a while, some are questionable, some could be useful and some could be world-changing.


FoodLoop offers the Food-Retail-Industry the first B2B2C marketing platform for a sustainable and optimized supply-chain with a tied consumer app where retailers can automatically market high-quality fresh food at discounted-pricing, as the best-before-dates draw closer in near real-time and the consumers will receive bargain offers pushed directly on their smartphones.

A lot of food gets thrown out when it is getting close to or reaches its best-buy date. This app lets the retailer easily change the price as the expiry date approaches, sending the info to your smart phone.


Akwamag have developed the latest water softening technology that prevents scaling at fraction of the cost of our next competitor while stops water waste, eliminates salt contamination, and alleviates the maintenance hassles associates with salt-based water softeners. Our technology is scalable to serve the industrial boilers and cooling systems.

Most water softeners add a lot of salt to the water. The indiegogo pitch for this product calls it a " High Intensity Multipass™ magnetic technology" that does it without salt.


Amazi from Amazi on Vimeo.

Amazi is a location-based app to locate water from filters, fountains and faucets to fill reusable bottles. We also provide data on the municipal water quality so users can make informed decisions regarding their water.

Got a refillable water bottle and need to fill it? This app will point you to the tap and tell you what's coming out of it.


CREW pays people to improve our world. It is a distribution system that can leverage to tens of thousands of social enterprises, green businesses and appropriate technologies, while empowering millions of people to be part of the solution and creating "distributed capitalism."

Multi-level marketing goes green


Okeanos was formed in 2010 to develop a next-generation, ultra-efficient desalination microtechnology to address our planets chronic and increasingly alarming fresh water shortages. Their WaterChipTM platform represents a "solid-state" alternative to present-day approaches and through substantial reductions in total water costs, will enable the widespread adoption and decentralization of desalination.

A small voltage is applied to a very small amount of water inside a chip, and molecule by molecule, the chloride ions go one way and the water goes another way. Multiply by many thousands.

Raffle for Good

Raffle For Good is an online fundraising platform for organizations to raise money through an interactive, skill-based raffle system. Raffle For Good brings consumers, non-profits, and for-profits together to allow great causes to get back to focusing in what matters— making an impact.

An online raffle where you pick your own numbers and turn it into a game.


Servergy's Sustainable Brand promise is "Save Energy. Work Smarter." Their Cleantech Server® literally paying for itself by reducing global datacenters server energy, cooling, space, weight, water and carbon footprints up to 90% or more. For every $1 spent, get up to $5 back in 3 years or less.

A server that uses 80% less power and space than conventional units.


supply chainSupply shift/Screen capture

SupplyShift enables companies with large supply chains to understand their supply chain sustainability and social responsibility, reduce risk, build shared value with their suppliers, and incentivize supplier improvement.

"SupplyShift's interactive platform fosters competitive improvement in supply chains, and crowdsources best industry metrics." I really didn't understand this one, watch here.

Sustainably Fresh Systems

Sustainably Fresh Systems obsolete freezing, air freight and plastic packaging with their preservative-free, FDA-approved, Controlled-Atmosphere technology, enabling customers to deliver and sell fresher fish, meats and meals - safely, at lower-cost and more sustainably.

Eliminate those styrofoam fish coffins and the need for air freighting fish with a special shipping container that provides a controlled environment (no oxygen, 100% CO2). "It's the biggest thing since Clarence Birdseye!"


EDGEhome is a whole home energy management solution that uses patented wireless technology to monitor and control individual lights and electrical outlets. EDGEhome is purposely built to be simple and affordable throughout the value chain; for builders, for electricians and for homeowners.

Wireless sensors are installed behind outlets and lights, which are controlled monitored on a tablet. This could save a lot of copper wire since it can eliminate the runs of wiring from switch to light; it's all wireless.


WaterBean is a completely unique product that takes the tappiness out of tap water and at the same time creates healthy alkaline water. Simple, cheap to manufacture and indestructible through the supply chain.

It's filled with carbonized coconut; you stick it in a bottle, fill it with tap water, and swish it around. It's not really a filter but is supposed to make tap water taste better, eliminating the need to buy bottled water.

More at the Sustainable Brands Innovation Open

11 ideas competing in the Sustainable Brands Innovation Open
It's a Shark Tank for green business plans.

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