10,000 GM Car Owners Tell the Automaker to Stop Funding Climate Denial

gm chevy volt electric car photo

One of the revelations from the Heartland Institute debacle was the the 'Big Three' carmaker General Motors was donating cash to the climate change-denying think tank. This wasn't mind-blowing or anything; automakers have historically been among the most prominent backers of the network of institutions that disseminate misinformation about climate change.

But that had begun to change: Since the government bailout rescued GM and Chrysler since bankruptcy, both have agreed to stringent fuel efficiency standards, and to develop cleaner cars. Hence the formidable investment in cars like the Volt. So many GM customers were disappointed to learn that the company was continuing to contribute to the think tank with an overt, aggressive anti-climate science platform.

Thousands of GM car owners have now signed a petition telling them to stop. From the text of the petition, which is being circulated by Forecast the Facts:

General Motors, and all other corporations, should immediately pull their funding from the Heartland Institute in light of Heartland's ongoing and persistent support of climate change denial.
10,000 GM customers have signed, and a total of 20,000 citizens have backed the effort.

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