100 Days Since the TVA Coal Ash Spill: Where Are We?

It hardly seems like it, but today marks 100 days since the massive coal ash spill in Tennessee happened. For those who want a quick interactive overview of what happened during the spill and during the clean-up, hearings and discussion afterwards, Earthjustice has set up a Dipity timeline that's worth checking out. For those scratching their heads about the subject entirely, this is what happened on December 22, 2008:

...over 1 billion gallons of toxic coal ash sludge burst through the dam of a waste pond, located 60 feet above the Emory River at TVA’s Kingston Fossil Plant in Harriman, Tennessee. The waste covered 300 acres below the plant, destroying homes, poisoning rivers and contaminating coves and residential areas.

via: Earthjustice
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