100 Days of Carbon Clean-Up Winners Annouced


The winners of the 100 Days of Carbon Clean-up challenge have been announced. The campaign, whose goal was for participating companies to cut ther carbon emissions by 10% in 100 days, attracted over 550 companies and businesses. The award for the largest percentage reduction of carbon went to the Copthorne Hotel, Cardiff. Its staff managed to cut its emissions by 10.2% in the 100 days of the challenge. The Peacock Group picked up the prize for "best multi-site carbon saving campaign". The retailers set up an "Energy Saving Group" and held themed weeks during the campaign to encourage the workforce to reduce their energy use. "If measures implemented in just 100 days can save businesses up to 10% of their carbon emissions, a longer-term energy efficiency drive should be a no-brainer - the financial and environmental benefits are obvious," said Karen Germain, networks manager at Carbon Trust, who supported the campaign. One of the small companies involved, Fulcrum Consulting, kept a diary of its progress, which can be read here. We mentioned the campaign before and updated its progress as well. ::100 Days of Carbon Clean-Up via ::BBC