10 Reasons to Telecommute

reasons to telecommute

Telecommuting is green

Telecommuting and working from home have long been TreeHugger staples, but Howstuffworks does a good job of explaining why it is happening and why it is a good thing. An interesting reason is that it actually can save lives by keeping workers out of their cars:


Mauricio Alejo in Wired
"Researchers found in a four-year study that having to deal with traffic increases a person's chances of having a heart attack within an hour after being in the situation. Some experts say that the pollutants associated with vehicles could increase stress levels, which might contribute to heart problems."

Other reasons include

  • better work/life balance,

  • more flexibility in schedule

  • it actually boosts productivity.

  • It's easier to relocate

  • saves your company money

  • saves you money

  • helps the environment.

Really, in these times it is a wonder that anyone who doesn't meet the public or work on specialized equipment goes to the office at all.

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