10% of Brits Are Just Too Lazy to Insulate

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I am a committed advocate for lazy gardening, but laziness is not always so positive. As someone who took over a year to erect a clothes line, I know all too well that sometimes positive, green actions can sit undone—even when they make total economic sense. So I was interested to see a Business Green report that when a UK utility surveyed households on barriers to better insulating their home, a full 10% of respondents told them that they simply "could not be bothered" to do so. And that's despite the fact they could be saving the equivalent over US$500 a year:

Ten per cent of UK homeowners simply "can't be bothered" to insulate their cavity walls and lofts, missing out on savings of around £390 a year, according to a new study from Eon.

Research carried out last month by OnePoll of 2,000 people revealed a myriad of reasons homeowners give for failing to insulate their homes. Fifteen per cent did not know how to go about insulating their homes, while nine per cent had too much clutter in the loft to install lagging. Three per cent cited the lack of a ladder as a major hurdle.

Any ideas on how to overcome such inertia?

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