You Can't Hug Your Neighbor During Quarantine, but You Can Serenade Them

People all over the world are isolating themselves for the coronavirus outbreak. With so much time and so little interaction, people are getting creative.

Then, videos began popping up across social media of citizens are using balconies, roofs and porches to sing and play music during their quarantine. It started with a balcony "flash mob" in Italy, where residents joined in singing the national anthem, "Fratelli d'Italia."

And this sign of solidarity and hope is spreading more quickly than any virus could.

Some videos show streets of people singing songs and dancing from their homes, while some show musicians quietly serenading their neighbors with beautiful sounds.

A quick internet search reveals videos of similar performances from almost every country affected by the coronavirus.

It's entertaining and beautiful to see people coming together musically when they can't come together physically to generate hope in a difficult time.

Maybe it's worth a message to your neighbors over the next few weeks to organize something similar.

And as Buddy the Elf knows, singing loud for all to hear is the best way to spread cheer.