Nobody Does a Snow Day Like These Corgis

A snow day is a time for celebration. Snowball fights! Building creatures made of snow! Dragging your friends through the snow in a makeshift sleigh!

It turns out that corgis love a good snow day, too, as these three corgis in Japan prove. First, two of them attempted to pull their buddy across a snow-covered baseball diamond, but the results weren't always particularly satisfactory ... not that anyone, including the friend, seemed to mind. It just meant more time to roll around in the snow! Once a human companion came to their aid, the corgi in the sleigh had an easier go of it while the other two were able to just run around and make neat patterns in the snow.

After licking up some snow, the pups seem ready to try and draw the sleigh on their own again. This time, things go much more smoothly for everyone! The two sleigh dogs get some good speed, and the pup in the sleigh gets a nice jaunt down what looks like a residential neighborhood.

All in all, it seems like the corgis had an excellent time in the snow. No doubt they're eagerly awaiting the next big snow day with bated breath.