Corgi Races May Be the Cutest Thing Ever

Cute and playful corgis are irresistible. Set them loose on a racetrack and the adorableness factor skyrockets.

The fun and lighthearted competition in the video above was held at the Emerald Downs Racetrack & Casino in Auburn, Washington. You can see multiple races where 12 corgis line up and run a short distance from one of their owners to another, some luring their pups with balls and toys.

Watch the determination in their fluffy and stocky little bodies as those short little legs run like mad to get to the finish line. But the best part might be their names, like Noodle McFluffins, Mr. Beanz Sir Wigglebutt and Bruce Corgsteen.

After all the pup-madness, one corgi did win the day. The 2019 winner was Angus Phan, who received a trophy with plenty of dog treats on top.