Cool Solar Powered Desk Lamp Suctions to Window to Charge

solar powered suction lamp image
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Image via Designboom

Here's a great idea for a desk lamp that minimizes materials and maximizes the use of renewable energy. The super simple concept design is the Saint Clair Lamp by Stephane Maupin and it features solar panels installed on its base, along with suction cups, so you can just stick it to your office window to charge up during the day, and plop it on your desk for evening illumination. Designboom notes that this is a winning entry for the VIA project assistance grant, which seeks out new designers with the most relevant design,
techniques and aesthetics. (And as Lloyd said in his post about this same lamp the other day (woops! sorry, Lloyd), "Would that we had programs like that on this side of the Atlantic." Seriously. A solar powered lamp is certainly relevant, and this one is more realistic and less futuristic than some other designs we've seen.

solar powered suction lamp image

The design is lovely - minimalist, practical, and keeps us off the power grid.

solar powered suction lamp image

It looks good both on the window and on the desk.

suction lamp desk image

This is the kind of gadget design we love to see because it is practical, could suit most anyone's style, and if it makes it to manufacturing, we're hoping it has smart features like efficient solar cells, an LED bulb, and is made from recycled metals and plastics.